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A Natural Supplement to Protect the Brain & Memory

Are you concerned about memory loss as you age? You’re not alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 9 Americans aged 45 and older say they are experiencing thinking declines.

We can’t stop the aging process but we can do something about memory and cognitive decline.

Interceuticals Better Memory, formulated based on the groundbreaking 18 month memory study by UCLA scientists, will deliver the following benefits when taken as directed:

  • Improved short- and long-term memory*
  • Improved mental clarity and focus*
  • Invigorated ability to multi-task*
  • Improved recall and retrieval*
  • Reduced brain fog*
  • Enhanced mood*

More information about the product benefits, ingredients, research findings, frequently asked questions, and customer reviews can be found below.

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Better Memory Brain Supplement
Better Memory Brain Supplement

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Better Memory

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For faster results, we HIGHLY recommend this 3+1 Combo Set: You get 3 Better Memory + 1 Better Memory PM as a 90-day supply.

Take 1 Better Memory in the morning, and at bedtime take 1 capsule EACH of Better Memory and Better Memory PM.

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Interceuticals Better Memory when taken as directed can deliver the following benefits:

Improves Better Short-Term Memory*
Short-term memory, also known as “working memory” is comprised of both auditory memory and visual-spatial memory. This is “instant recall” memory and is absolutely imperative to problem-solving and prioritizing information.

Improves Long-Term Memory*
Much of our long-term memory exists outside of our consciousness, meaning that the brain must “work” to recall it, and bring it in to use with the short-term memory. Long-term memories are a combination of important-to-have memories (our birthday, our anniversaries) and memories that were programmed based on impact (significantly sad or happy events, emotional moments).

Improves Memory Recall and Retrieval*
Cognitive decline may make it difficult to recall memories that still exist in the subconscious. Better Memory has been shown to strengthen recall abilities*.

Improves Visual and Verbal Learning*
When our short-term memory is working properly, we have an increased ability to process both what we see and what we read, and to retain that information for future use.

Improved Attention and Focus*
Attention and focus are improved when the brain can prioritize information properly. Because the brain decides what information is important and what is not, we are able to focus and be attentive to the information that is important for us to focus on.

Improved Mood Balance and Occasional Stress Management*
Because stress and mood are often associated with the memory function, improved memory can positively affect the mood management.

Why Better Memory? Because Only Better Memory Contains Clinically Tested Theracurmin® Curcumin, Its Fully Tested Dosing and A Proprietary Neuroprotective Herbal Blend for Faster Results*

The Story of Curcumin.
Curcumin is a compound found in the spice turmeric, a common ingredient in the traditional foods of India and other Eastern cultures. Curcumin gives turmeric its orange-yellow color and has been used for thousands of years as both a food and as a medicine in Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian) and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Its traditional uses included support for inflammatory issues such as joint discomfort, heart health, and general whole-body wellness. Recent research confirming the efficacy of traditional use has resulted in curcumin being used as dietary supplement mainly for promoting a healthy inflammatory response in the body.

Curcumin’s Positive Effect on Cognitive Health and Memory
The First Study: Scientists published the first study documenting curcumin’s potential cognitive benefits in 2000. The study compared cognitive decline in two groups of people. One group was comprised of people over 70 from Pennsylvania, in the USA, and the other group were over 70 and lived in Northern India. The study found that people from Northern India had 75% lower rates of normal cognitive decline than the residents of USA. While lifestyle was accounted as a factor in this significant difference, the compound curcumin, found in the turmeric in the Indian staple food yellow curry, was suspected to be responsible for the difference. Traditional medical practitioners in India had been using curcumin for thousands of years due to its value as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

The Power of Yellow Curry: More Support
In 2006 the Singapore Institute of Mental Health, Ministry of Health published results from a survey of 1,010 people of various ethnicities, aged 60-93 about their curry consumption habits and cognitive function status. The survey found that those who frequently consumed yellow curry – specifically yellow curry – had significantly higher cognitive scores and lower rates of age-related cognitive decline as measured by mini-mental state examination.

Further Research Agrees

  • Researches have subsequently compiled further data showing that the health benefits of curcumin and its potential mechanism for the cognitive benefits may derive from:
    • healthy inflammatory response
    • powerful antioxidant protection
    • the possibility that curcumin modulates aging-related proteins in the brain

The Challenge of Curcumin: Low Bio-Availability
As with many compounds, curcumin’s particular delivery method – eating lots of yellow curry – is not one that most people will employ. And simply extracting curcumin and putting it in a capsule is not effective either, because the particulate size of extracted curcumin from turmeric makes it nearly impossible to absorb in any meaningful volume to positively effect health. Curcumin is not water soluble either. So the choice – til now – has been to either take huge amounts of curcumin capsules, or to simply experience no to little positive health benefits. The fact is that most standard sources of supplemental curcumin are of no value unless taken in unreasonable large dosages.

Problem Solved- Better Memory’s Key Ingredient Theracurmin® Curcumin and More
Researchers discovered that by using particle-reduction methods known as nanotechnology, patented Theracurmin Curcumin was absorbed by the body at a rate 27 times better than in its native form. That’s because Theracurmin Curcumin’s particle size is 100 times smaller for significantly higher bioavailability than standard curcumin. But that’s not all; Better Memory contains not only Theracurmin Curcumin as the key ingredient, but also applies the clinically tested dosage and dosing regiment of this key ingredient in order to achieve expected clinical outcome; in addition, the formula combines the key ingredient with a proprietary Neuroprotective Blend containing extracts of Sichuan Lovage rhizome and Cinnamon bark, shown in clinical studies to have complementary brain and memory benefits including improved blood flow and protein bindings, resulting this powerful triple-action brain health supplement, Better Memory.*

Click  Reviews here to learn what other users have to say.

Memory Effects of a Bioavailable Form of Curcumin (Theracurmin Curcumin 90 mg Twice Daily) in Non-Demented Adults: The First Long-Term (18 Months) Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Study in USA

Gary W. Small, M.D. et al. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 2018; 26(3), 266-77

Study Details:

The study was conducted at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) led by Gary Small, MD, Director of UCLA Longevity Center, Director of Geriatric Psychiatry Division at Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior started in March 2012 and completed in April 2016.

This was the first 18-month long, double-blind, placebo-controlled USA study on the memory effects of a bioavailable form of curcumin (Theracurmin Curcumin) in normal and age-related mild cognitive impairment people. Better Memory key ingredient Theracurmin® Curcumin (90 mg twice a day) was chosen for the study due to its superior absorption into the bloodstream and higher bioavailability when compared to standard curcumin. 40 Participants aged 51-84 completed the study.

The cognitive outcomes were measured using various neurological testing instruments (see below) including FDDNP-PET brain scans.

Key Findings:

The study found statistically significant cognitive benefits in the Theracurmin Curcumin-treated group as compared with the placebo group, including positive brain PET scan results. These health benefits were not observed in the placebo group.

90 mg twice daily for 18 months with Better Memory key ingredient Theracurmin Curcumin led to significant improvement in the following areas:

  • Average 28% increase in memory functions*
  • Improved short-term memory*
  • Improved long-term memory*
  • Improved attention and focus*
  • Improved recall and retrieval*
  • Improved mood balance*
  • Improved memory storage*

Cognitive Outcome Measurement Instruments:

  • Buschke Selective Reminding Test (Buschke SRT)
  • Tests verbal memory, consistent Long-Term Retrieval, Total Recall, and Long-Term Storage
  • Brief Visual Memory Test – Revised (BVMT-R)
  • Tests visual memory
  • Trail Making Test – Part A
  • Tests attention and focus capabilities
  • Beck Depression Inventory
  • Tests mood and self-reported occasional depression
  • FDDNP PET Brain Scan
  • To detect brain structural changes – a patented brain imaging technology developed at UCLA, used for detecting specific bindings of beta amyloid and tau protein in various regions in the brain.

Researchers concluded that the oral dosage of Better Memory key ingredient Theracurmin Curcumin at 90 mg twice daily led to significant memory and attention benefits.

How should I take Better Memory?

  • Take 1 capsule twice daily, with or without food.
  • If preferred, Better Memory capsules may be opened and the contents sprinkled on food or in a drink.

When will I start to notice memory benefits?

  • While individual results vary, the UCLA study reported significant improvements in memory function after using Theracurmin Curcumin alone at 90 mg twice daily for 18 months*
  • Individuals may experience meaningful memory benefits within 6 months after taking the Better Memory brain formula which includes key ingredient Theracurmin Curcumin at its clinically tested dosage plus a neuroprotective herbal blend for enhanced results (1 capsule twice daily).*
  • Individuals may experience meaningful memory benefits within 3 months by taking Better Memory brain formula together with Interceuticals Better Memory PM - a mitochondrial protector and sleep quality boosterWe highly recommend you start with this combination.*
  • Here’s how to order this recommended combination:  Simply order a 3-bottle supply of Better Memory and a 1-bottle supply of Better Memory PM. The combination gives you a 3 month supply.  
  • How to take the combination products: Take one Better Memory capsule in the morning, and at your bedtime take one Better Memory PLUS one Better Memory PM.
  • Because Better Memory is a non-caffeinated formula, cognitive benefits may take time to be noticeable. However even during the initial load-up period, your body will benefit from the healthy inflammatory response support provided by Better Memory. Individual results may vary.*

How will I know Better Memory is working for me?

  • Because initial memory changes may be subtle, it will be necessary to measure your memory subjectively. Make a list of the memory changes you have observed in the last 5 years as your individual baseline. Then check your baseline three months after you start taking the products to see if there are any differences. Each person’s memory experience is unique -- please see user reviews.*
  • To measure your memory objectively, please take our Baseline Verbal Memory Score test before beginning your daily regimen of Better Memory to establish your baseline score.  Take the Follow-Up Verbal Memory Score after 3 months of daily use, and again after 6 months of daily use.  The improvement may amaze you. The most important measure is that you feel better and more confident about yourself. That's the ultimate success.*

What other measures can I take to support my cognitive health?

A healthy inflammatory response in the body is the single most important measure you can take to support cognitive health, and Better Memory has been clinically studied to provide this critical health benefit. Other important measures include daily exercise, a nutritionally-balanced diet, managing mood and stress, and getting adequate sleep.*

Is Better Memory safe to use?

  • Yes. Better Memory’s key ingredient, Theracurmin® Curcumin and the supporting herbal extracts all have a long safety record, and have been tested for heavy metals.
  • Additionally, Better Memory is manufactured in a USA-based manufacturing facility that adheres to cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) as certified by NSF, the world’s leading public health and safety organization. The prestigious NSF certification verifies that the manufacturer of Interceuticals supplements uses proper manufacturing procedures, testing methods, and controls for meeting or exceeding quality standards in the production of dietary supplements.

Should I continue to take my other supplements with Better Memory?

  • Yes, Better Memory is an herbal supplement beneficial to brain health. It should be part of a daily regimen that includes regular exercise, a balanced healthy diet and adequate sleep.*
  • If you have chosen to take the powerful combination of Better Memory plus BetterMemory PM, it is not necessary to take additional melatonin-containing supplements.

Can I take Better Memory with my prescription drugs? Does it have any side effects?

  • As with any dietary supplement, if you are taking a prescription medication, if you are or may become pregnant, if you are nursing, or if you have a medical condition, discuss with your healthcare professional before using this or any supplement.  Dietary supplements are not a replacement or substitute for prescription medications.
  • Better Memory is generally well tolerated by most people.  Individual results may vary.

Can I take Better Memory if I’m Vegan or Vegetarian? Is Better Memory Gluten-Free? Non-GMO?

  • Yes. Better Memory is vegan; it is free of all animal products and by-products. It contains NO artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.
  • Better Memory is Gluten-Free and is free of the following allergens: soy, milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.
  • Better Memory is made with non-GMO ingredients; it contains only ingredients that have not been genetically modified.

Do you offer subscription auto-shipment?

Our hassle-free subscription auto shipments offer a lower unit price plus FREE shipping to USA shipping address. Auto-shipments insure that there will be no missed dosages.  Cancelling and/or rescheduling of shipments is simple.

What is your refund / returns policy?

We provide a 90-day refund policy to our first time customers for any unopened bottles.View More Details

Reviews: (36)

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Better Memory Review
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Nancy D.

Verified Buyer

Keep up the good work on the BetterMEMORY Dr. Wishnow!

Lynn W.“I really love this product!”

Verified Buyer

I really love this product, really love it!  It’s really helping.  At 86 I can forget why I go from one side of the house to the other before I get there, this product really helps with that!

David D.

Verified Buyer

My father (85) lives independently in an assisted living and he gave up his driver’s license 2 years ago. I think he is a bit sharper after taking Interceuticals Better Memory and  Better Memory PM or 3 months. Before he was struggling just to keep track of events for the day, now he is looking at his calendar and calls me to ask meaningful questions about the future events.

Diane S

Verified Buyer

I’ve been taking it for 1 month and I find my memory is improving.

Philip H.

Verified Buyer

BetterMEMORY works well.  As a consultant I have to remember many things and I feel that after 45 days on this program it has helped.

David B.

Verified Buyer

More clarity and concentration.  I also gave the products to my father.  My family has a running joke– David never leave the house once– always forget something.  Now I can.

Tricia S.

Verified Buyer

A problem I had been having is low O2 saturation probably due to poor perfusion from the lung inflammatory condition.  I have been taking BetterMemory for brain benefits for about two and half months now and today my O2 sat is normal.  Unexpected benefits.  Thank you!

Rosita M.

Verified Buyer

I can already see improvements in my ability to recall after being on Better Memory for 3 months. Remembering names and dates is faster and my life is easier.  This is good!

Celeste B.

Verified Buyer

I can honestly say that since being on the supplements I do feel a better sense of clarity and feel that my ability to concentrate is improved.

Leona B.

Verified Buyer

Ordered Better Memory and somehow the powder from inside the capsule stained my carpet.  I am not happy about it.

John C. 68, IT Writer

Verified Buyer

I became interested in Better memory because of my concern for the effects of diabetes on memory. I read an article once that characterized dementia/Alzheimer as being possibly Diabetes Type 3 and that caught my attention. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (non-obese) in 2006. I was initially treated through the Joslin Clinic in New London, CT and they were never able to come to a conclusion as to why I had diabetes – I didn’t fit the normal profiles. So when my sister mentioned “Better memory” I was interested enough to give it a try.

For the first month I only took Better memory once a day, in the morning, and kept a close eye on my blood sugars to make sure there was no interaction with my metformin and insulin. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so after the first month I went to twice a day. To be honest, I was skeptical – I’m actually not a big believer in supplements (outside of some recognized and tested vitamins/minerals). For a long time the only thing I noticed (after I started taking Better Memory twice a day) was an increase in vivid dreams. It reminded me a bit of the effect that Chantix had on me when I took it to quit smoking. Over the ensuing weeks, however, I did actually notice some improvements in recall, both short and long-term memory. At the time I was employed as an IT Technical Writer/Business Analyst and would have to use a combination of notes and memory during document creation – there was some noticeable improvement in recall. It was gradual, there was no “ah ha” moment and looking back I think it was noticeable only after a couple of months.

The other effect, and one I hadn’t expected at all was a definite, marked decrease in the pain and stiffness associated with the arthritis in my writing hand.

Mike D. Healthcare Professional

Verified Buyer

After taking Better Memory and Better Memory PM supplements for a month or so, I have a vague, but distinct feeling that it is doing me good.  For instance, I remembered the names of all my students (30) in my weekend class, and I’ve had a sense of well-being and fewer bad back days.  This morning, I noticed an improvement in my breathing and lung functions.

AARP Health Bulletin


AARP Health Bulletin (May 2018) reported UCLA Study with Theracurmin Curcumin: “We have new insight into why older adults in India have a lower prevalence of [age-related brain health concerns]: The secret is in the (curry) sauce. Curcumin, the [healthy inflammatory response] substance that gives curry its vibrant [yellow] hue, improves brain health. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, found memory and attention improvements in adults ages 51 to 84 who consumed 90 mg of [Theracurmin] curcumin twice daily for 18 months. PET scans showed healthier brains too. “When you cook with it,” Isaacson says, “you can absorb it and have a lot of it over your lifetime — and it probably protects the brain.” Don’t want to eat curry every day? You can also try a highly absorbable supplement such as Theracurmin (curcumin), which was taken by subjects in the UCLA study and, Isaacson says, is likely even more effective than (standard) curcumin.

Jack Y, 74 Screen writer

Verified Buyer

After approximately four months of taking BETTER MEMORY, I have started to feel a very slight difference in my memory. I find that in stressful business situations, not only am I am able to come up with the right word at the right time more frequently; but more importantly, I seem to have a clearer view of the big picture and how to act within it.

Judith C, 65, Performing Artist

Verified Buyer

I began taking Better Memory and Better Memory PM about a month ago with little expectation but a lot of hope.  About a week ago, a song I had written a decade ago, and can never remember, because it is so wordy, came popping back into my mind.  I was able to sing 70% of it!  Since then, other songs have reappeared on my mental hard drive.  I know that words and music travel through different neural pathways, and I am assuming that these amazing supplements are addressing one before the other.  I am truly excited to see what will happen in the months to come.

Pat Z.

Verified Buyer

I gave my 88 year old mother Better Memory and Better Memory PM to try about three months ago. Yesterday she told to get more for her. She must feel the products are helping her somehow. Good news.

Nancy D, Physical Therapist

Verified Buyer

I started taking this supplement with not much faith, but a lot of curiosity. I was only on it about 3 weeks before my hip pain improved significantly. I had been taking a different turmeric based supplement prior to this with only fair results. The science behind this supplement seems strong and makes sense. I am hoping now for good results for my memory; but no significant change in that after 5 weeks. (At least I am remembering to take the supplement twice daily!)

David H. 71 Business Writer

Verified Buyer

After taking Better Memory and Better Memory PM for about one month, I think it may be doing some good.  I seem to have better word and name recall when in conversation. I’d like to keep at it.

Janet Y. 60, Business Owner

Verified Buyer

After menopause, I clearly noticed a decline in my memory. Here are a few examples:  Last year I missed two payroll deadlines which were clearly marked in my calendar. Another time I suddenly forgot the code to enter my own office.  These few examples left me both worried and terrified. After taking Better Memory for 6 months, I started to notice some REAL differences. My thinking is much clearer; I no longer depended on the calendar to remember daily tasks; I feel I am as efficient and organized as I used to. Pretty amazing.

Tim J, 85 Retired Biochemistry Professor

Verified Buyer

TJ – The pills are working! I feel better. I have more ideas, more energy, move ahead faster. I feel I am pulling together rather than falling apart.

Wife- Tim seems stable at present. Yesterday he went to the Ruth Bader Ginsberg movie by himself over on the East Side and got back OK. I was surprised at Tim’s going to see the movie, and a little worried he might get lost, because he so rarely takes the initiative to go anywhere by himself. He’s long since stopped going to lectures at Rockefeller or Cornell. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Better Memory and Better Memory PM can slow down the decline.

Kath N, 64 Real Estate Developer

Verified Buyer

I have been taking Better Memory and Better Memory PM only about one month. It’s early yet but I have this feeling kind of like a cloud is lifting. I feel “brighter” if that makes any sense. (Not meaning smarter…but more like a light going on in my mind…where there was darkness.) Since my boat accident about 5 years ago I have suffered terribly from the concussion. Had trouble walking, with balance and definitely with executive function issues. Couldn’t work for over a year. Vertigo was horrible. Started having trouble finding the right words… Saw two neurologists. First was no help. Second at Columbia treats the NY Hockey team. He said I would need a lot of bed rest and that it would take at least 18 mos to just to start to feel better.That was a few years ago now and I still felt almost like I had had a stroke. After just a few weeks on your supplements, I definitely noticed a slight difference. Better with language, better focus…getting more done…a little more organized. I am hopeful with more time, the supplements will help clear the fog even more. I think what scared me the most was the losing words…I really was suffering memory loss and that does seem a bit better.

Clara C. 84 Healthcare Professional

Verified Buyer

I am a writer and a professional healthcare workshop designer and leader. and i am 85 and have the energy and curiosity and enjoyment of life to keep me on the go. i have been on the better memory and better memory pm combo pill regimen for a month and now have felt general sense of clearer and greater space in my mind. more specifically,  i experience and can maintain greater clarity and focus in areas of interest. i remember important exchanges and conversations and details such as scheduling. its true that i have given over much of what i would have wanted, needed to remember to technology, my iphone holds contact information, my iphone provides google maps for directions. i need to add that i have been on a path of clearing mind clutter.

the memory pills provide a gain for me on a body level as well:  the compound provides a type of curcumin that can be more rapidly – effectively absorbed.  That’s a winner for me when i value my improvements. instead of taking 9 giant curcumin pills daily from my doctor for my general anti-inflammatory protection, i now only take two small better curcumin pills a day. definitely better!

i surely want to provide protection against possible “aging” decline.   i intend to continue taking these tiny pills of power!!!!! thank you dr.wishnow

Doris T. 75, retired teacher

Verified Buyer

I ordered 3 bottles of Better Memory 3 months ago and I already start to notice improvement in terms of speed of recall. It used to take me a moment to remember names, dates, etc. while having conversations with people and now I feel that it doesn’t take me as long to do so. I really like the product.

Rob Y. 74, Lawyer

Verified Buyer

My experience with Better Memory and Better Memory PM supplements has been as follows: After about one month I felt more lucid. My attention and focus on what other people said was greater than before. My own words and ideas were better connected, and assessments and judgements arose more quickly. It is all really exciting. I very pleased with the short term results and look forward to continued improvements.

Beth A. 60, Creative Director

Verified Buyer

I recently moved and started at a new job at 60 years old! I didn’t realize how stressful these two life-changing events would be. It was very noticeable at work how forgetful I was — names, assignments, meetings, email follow up – my boss kept having to remind me. It was embarrassing, and something I hadn’t never experienced before. I also worried that maybe it was the start of dementia. On top of that, I wasn’t sleeping very well – only a few hours a night. I ordered 3 bottles of Better Memory, and one bottle of Better Memory PM. Even though the website said it would take a few months to see any significant effects, I was astonished to notice a remarkable change after the first week! I was much more productive at work, more creative, and able to remember email assignments, meetings and discussions without having to refer to my notes. I have been able to sleep better at night. What a relief to feel that I can still perform my job to a high degree of effectiveness and keep up with others half my age! Now, I start and end my day with Better Memory!

Rick C. 79 Fiction Writer

Verified Buyer

After taking the better memory combo about 45 days, I have noticed the following: nightmares decreased,  feel calmer, more confident, clearer mind, more grounded, more focused,  in general, feel better.

May, W.62 Artist

Verified Buyer

I have pretty bad SAD (Seasonal Affected Depression) for at least 15 years starting from late September until mid-March. This year, I haven’t felt ANYTHING so far! It is already mid of January in 2019! My husband also commented on my good mood this year. That’s the Better Memory and Better Memory PM I have been taking. Stunning results I have to say, I love it.

John T. 46 Accountant

Verified Buyer

While I haven’t experienced any life altering changes with better memory I do think it is helping me to the degree where I stammer less. I am not taking the PM . I don’t think I have any real cognitive deficit…at least hopefully not at my age but I think there are subtle improvements in word flow.

Steve Z, 78 Photographer

Verified Buyer

After three months on Better Memory and Better Memory PM, I must say that from time to time I do remember things while grocery shopping. Other than that no big change for me and my wife yet. We like to continue to take the pills because the scientific data is there and we want to protect our brain functions for the future.

Patricia W. Biologist 93 year old mother

Verified Buyer

My 93 year old mother has memory issues since she was 75. After she is on Better Memory and Better Memory PM for 2.5 months, I start to notice some changes. For example, she used to say exactly the same words when I called, but yesterday when I called, she told me some new information “We received a package yesterday”! My 95 year old father said mother started to learn new songs, her mood improved too. Her nanny said my mother slept better, calmer. Not sure if the pills could help her at her age. But I think there is no down side to try them.

Robin, N. Business Owner

Verified Buyer

I own an elder care company, and I fear the memory thing since I have seen so many sad cases. The research of Better memory is solid and I will give it a serious try. Anything we can do to protect our brain is  so important!

Tom T., 75 Biochemistry Professor

Verified Buyer

Nothing very obvious yet after one month. May be a subtle improvement in my ability to focus. I can work now for longer stretches of time without need for a break.

Jerry Y. 74 Retired Journalist

Verified Buyer

I can’t say that after several months on BETTER MEMORY that “my life has changed” but I have noticed some small but notable occurrences. For example when I quote long rows of numbers from credit cards or order numbers to someone on the phone instead of going two or three numbers at a time and having to glance back I find myself quoting six or seven numbers at a time. Also this summer we put a number of things in a storage container. I came back to it this morning and was able to put my hands on almost everything I was looking for without rummaging around. As I said, small but notable.

Lee C, 65 CEO

Verified Buyer

I find my memory is much better, thank you!

Martha M. 60 Business Owner

Verified Buyer

I feel like the brain fog I use to feel is getting better. My thoughts are more focused and I see a difference in my concentration level. I do think Better Memory and Better Memory PM pills are working!!

Jonathan, C. 62 Scientist

Verified Buyer

I’m a skeptic that supplements work, but starting taking Better Memory after my brother experienced really good results with better focus and memory recall. I didn’t notice anything for the first couple of months, but my son mentioned how impressed he was at things I could remember from decades ago. I did notice easier and quicker recall. There have been no negative effects on blood sugar or changes in sleep. There were no gastrointestinal disturbance. Good, solid product. I will keep taking it.