NEW! Interceuticals Better Memory for cognitive health based on UCLA 18 month memory study

Improves short- and long- term memory, recall, focus, clarity, mood…

Interceuticals: Better Products for Better Aging

Since 1997 we have been providing clinically tested, safe and effective natural supplements that can help you live a better life as you age. Our legacy products BetterWOMAN and BetterMAN have benefited women and men worldwide for their urinary health.  Now we are offering you new, tested products for cognitive health and joint comfort.  We want to thank you for your continued trust.

Mike D. Healthcare Professional

Better Memory

Verified Buyer

After taking Better Memory and Better Memory PM supplements for a month or so, I have a vague, but distinct feeling that it is doing me good.  For instance, I remembered the names of all my students (30) in my weekend class, and I’ve had a sense of well-being and fewer bad back days.  This morning, I noticed an improvement in my breathing and lung functions.

Tom S

Better Curcumin

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I began taking Better Curcumin a little over a month ago, twice a day. I suffer from arthritis in my knees and a chronic condition of lymphedema (severe swelling and fluid retention in my legs) which aggravates the knee pain. After about a week, there was a noticeably lighter feeling in my legs…less heaviness when climbing or descending stairs, and a little less stiffness and pain in my knee joints. This week I also recorded a weight loss of approximately 6-7 pounds since beginning the curcumin which I attribute to fluid loss. I believe this loss of fluid (reflected on a very accurate scale) has also contributed to the decreased swelling and knee pain.

Gary Kracoff, RPh, Johnson Drugs, Boston


Verified Buyer

We have more than 1,000 men currently using BetterMAN. Many of the men report a decrease in occasional urinary urgency and frequency of nighttime urination. Most customers have noticed major improvements in being able to get and maintain erections, and have found an overall greater sexual satisfaction. We have been recommending BetterMAN since 1998, and have found it to be a safe product, without side effects or contraindications with commonly used medications.

Pat T. 74, Helped Tremendously!


Verified Buyer

I just started BetterWoman last month and am already seeing great results. I am74 years old and was constantly wearing pads and worrying about embarrassing situations because I take the bus everywhere. BetterWoman has helped me tremendously! I sing in an elderly choir that visit nursing homes and I plan on speaking with residents there about the BetterWoman product. Tremendously helpful. Thank you!

Jane W

Better Memory PM

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I have been taking Better Memory PM together with Better Memory. I can think clearer, feel more focused
and alert – and that makes me feel younger.