About Us

The Interceuticals Mission

Interceuticals is committed to promoting healthier aging through the research and development of clinically-tested, efficacious, natural supplements by combining the best of Traditional Eastern Medicine and Western Medical approaches. We are guided daily by our core principles of operating with integrity and sound scientific practice to improve your heath naturally.

About the Founder, Peipei Wu Wishnow, PhD

Founder, Peipei Wu Wishnow, PhDDr. Peipei Wishnow is the child of parents who were both physicians, and her grandfather was a well-respected herbalist in her native China. Her grandfather’s talents were so revered that he was spared persecution by the Communist regime in power at the time.

Through watching her grandfather’s use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which included acupuncture and a deep knowledge of herbal remedies, she recognized the true potential in Eastern treatments. In fact, her grandfather cured a skin infection she had suffered with for three years that Western medicine simply could not cure.

After receiving her doctorate in biology in the U.S. and spending years as a researcher at MIT, CalTech and in the pharmaceutical industry, she also saw the value in the scientific methods, researched at molecular levels, and modern quality control techniques as applied in the Western approach to medicine.

Peipei Wishnow’s theory was a simple one, but one often overlooked by practitioners in Eastern and Western health care. That is, “What if the best approach to improving health is through the combination of the best aspects of Eastern and Western medicine?”

It is in this spirit that Dr. Wishnow founded Interceuticals: using modern research and quality-control practices, and applying those to the use of naturally-occurring compounds used in holistic Eastern medicine, we can improve our health naturally and avoid the side-effects so often experienced with purely-pharmaceutical approaches to treatment. That was in 1997.