Marblehead scientist wants to improve your memory – The Marblehead Reporter

by Leigh Blander

Locals say new supplement is making a difference

Judith Black, of Marblehead, started noticing recently that her brain isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be.

“It’s that loose-around-the-edges thing,” she laughed. “It comes with age.”

So Black, who is 68, decided to try a new supplement, created by Marblehead scientist PeiPei Wishnow, that claims to slow age-related memory problems and enhance brain function.

“It had an authentic effect,” Black said. “I started remembering people’s names better. I suddenly remembered the lyrics to a song I had written 20 years ago. I’m a science-based person and completely skeptical of supplements, but I recommend this to people all the time.”

Wishnow started her company, Interceuticals Inc., 20 years ago, in her Marblehead home. It is now based in Salem. She creates natural supplements for seniors struggling with age-related challenges, including bladder control. In September, she introduced a new product, Interceuticals Better Memory.

“Memory issues are on everybody’s mind,” said Wishnow. “Everybody is worried about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.”

Inflammation Fighter

Using a study conducted at UCLA, Wishnow identified curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, as a powerful tool to fight inflammation, which is often blamed for cognitive decline.

“Our research thus far indicates clear cognitive benefits (of curcumin), which may take the form of stabilization of memory abilities and delay of future decline,” said Dr. Gary Small, author of the UCLA study.

Wishnow added a mix of Chinese herbs which she says improve circulation. “That allows for faster results,” she said. “People can see results within six months.”

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