Herbal Remedy for Occasional Incontinence

By Dr. Julian Whitaker’s for Health & Healing — August 2005 Vol. 15, No. 8 (Abstract)

BetterWOMAN Natural Supplement For Occasional Incontinence Contrary to popular belief, occasional incontinence is not an inevitable part of aging. Excellent approches to manage bladder control issues that I’ve written about in the past include Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and acupuncture. Here’s another one: BetterWOMAN, a natural supplement for occasional incontinence. BetterWOMAN is a blend of Chinese herbs that modulates hormones, boosts neuromuscular function, and increases circulation in the muscles involved in bladder support, resulting in better urinary control.

One study looked at 38 women, ages 35 to 78, who experienced from stress-related urine leakage (brought on by laughing, sneezing, etc.), frequent urination, or urgency (the immediate and urgent need to urinate). After using BetterWOMAN for two months, 76 percent of the women experiencing stress-related urine leakage noticed marked improvement, as did 70 percent of those with urgency issues. And frequent bathroom trips were reduced in 73 percent of the study participants. Look for BetterWOMAN in your health food store or purchase it from the manufacturer by calling (888) 686 2698 or online at betterwomannow.com.

Note: The above is the Abstract of the original article, edited to conform to the dietary supplement regulations.