Effect of A Chinese Herbal Formula BetterWOMAN On Bladder Control Issues in Women

Peipei Wishnow, PhD, Interceuticals, MA; Lawrence Dorman, DO, Applewood Medical Center, MO; Gottfried Kellermann, PhD, Neurosciences, WI; Larry Rosen, MD, Northeast Alabama Urology Center, AL.

Research Report (Abstract)

Menopause, Vol. 10, No.6, 2003, p578 ABSTRACT 14th Annual Meeting of the North American Menopause Society, September 2003

Objectives:This study is designed to evaluate the effect of a Chinese herbal formula on bladder control issues in women, including stress-related urinary urine leakage, sudden urges, and frequent urination.

Design: Forty-five females aged from 35 to 78 participated the study. A Self-Assessment Questionnaire was used to quantitatively evaluate each participant’s results based on the pre- and post- BetterWOMAN treatment symptom scores. For each parameter tested, the number of total qualified participant is the number of participants with a pre-treatment symptom score FREQUENTLY or worse. To qualify as “reported improved”, a participant’s post-treatment symptom score must be OCCASIONALLY or better. McNemar chi-squared statistic method was used for data analysis. The treatment dosage was one 400 mg BetterWOMAN capsule twice a day for 60 days with a 3-day break without capsules every 20 days.

Results: From 45 participants, 38 complete data points were collected (n=38) after 60 days. The demographic distribution is 26.3% younger than 44 and 73.3% over 45 years old. 86.8% participants are menopausal or post-menopausal women. The data shows that 76% reported decreased symptom of stress-related urinary leakage (n=21, p<0.05); 70% reported decreased urinary urgency (n=20); and 73% reported decreased urinary frequency (n=15). No negative side effects were reported.

Conclusion: The study provides evidence that BetterWOMAN significantly reduced female stress-related urine leakage after a 60-day treatment. Over seventy percent (70 %) of participants reported reduced urinary urgency and urinary frequency. Based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, BetterWOMAN may improve the tonality and strength of the muscle systems that support the bladder functions by improving blood circulation, modulating hormone rebalance and modulating neuromuscular functions.

Note: This is the Abstract of the original article, edited to conform to the dietary supplement regulations.