Breakthrough Report Indicates That BetterMAN Helps Men’s Health

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. – (CNN INDUSTRY WATCH – BW HealthWire) – Oct.17, 2000 – In the first published scientific study, a Chinese herbal formula, BetterMAN, produced by Interceuticals Inc., has been found to be highly effective in countering male impotence.

The study, published in the November 2000 issue of the Journal of Urology, concludes that BetterMAN ensured normal erections in a controlled study of laboratory animals, led by urologist and leading impotence researcher Tom F. Lue, MD, Professor of Urology at the University of California, San Francisco. The animals had become impotent as the result of a high cholesterol diet over four months before BetterMAN was given to the treatment group.

The study confirms that BetterMAN, which has more than a 70% success rate with the tens of thousands of American men who have taken it since its U.S. introduction in April 1998, is a highly effective formula in improving male erectile function.

The study also confirms that the benefits are not psychological but physiologically based, according to Peipei Wu Wishnow, PhD, president and founder of Interceuticals, a company providing effective Chinese herbal formulas tested by western scientific methods.

Dr. Wishnow, a China born, MIT trained biologist, developed BetterMAN from a proprietary formula of 18 natural traditional Chinese herbs that have been used by physicians in China for more than 50 years in treating over 5,000 men to improve their erectile functioning, delay ejaculations and improve urination patterns with a 75% success rate.

Approximately 30 million American men suffer from impotence. Recent studies show that one third of American men ages 18-59 have some sort of sexual dysfunction. BetterMAN can be ideal for those men who do not want to take prescription drugs because of the side effects. BetterMAN has a long safety history, no known side effects and no known contraindications with medications, Dr. Wishnow said. For men who want to enhance their sexual functioning, BetterMAN can be used preventatively as well.

Dr. Lue said the study is notable because effectiveness can be ascertained more accurately in animals than humans, thanks to the absence of a placebo effect, which can run as high as 35-40% in humans.

To conduct the study, Dr. Lue fed a control group of animals a normal diet and the treatment group a 1% high cholesterol diet. All animals with a high cholesterol diet became impotent. BetterMAN was added to the drinking water of half the treatment group of animals, 100% of which regained the same level of sexual potency as the animals fed a normal diet.

“I’ve had a long time interest in herbal medicine,” Dr. Lue said. “There are lots of alternative medicines out there, and many of them don’t work. I wanted to conduct a study to see if this one did.”

BetterMANÍs™ effects are cumulative by taking two capsules daily for twenty days followed by three days without, consuming three bottles over two months. More than 70% of men experienced noticeable improvement in sexual functioning after taking 3 bottles. Long-term usage can ensure a continued improvement, Dr. Wishnow said.

“We have treated over 300 patients with BetterMAN,” said Dr. Lawrence E. Dorman, Doctor of Osteopathy, Applewood Medical Center, Independence, Missouri. “We have used many products in the past 30 years but have found BetterMAN to be the best natural product presently on the market to treat male impotency and urination symptoms.”

“BetterMAN is the most successful product for men’s sexual health that I’ve ever had the pleasure of recommending at Willner Chemists,” said Arnold Gitomor, R.Ph., Willner Chemists, New York. The pharmacy has over 150 BetterMAN customers.

“A lot of people have been concerned with the problems associated with other products on the market,” said Gary Kracoff, R.Ph., co-owner of the Health and Wellness Center at Johnson Drugs in Waltham, Massachusetts, who has about 600 customers using BetterMAN. “What is so beneficial about BetterMAN is that it restores normal sexual activity without using chemicals. Many of my customers have found that they have seen not only an increase in sexual function but a dramatic decrease in nighttime urinary frequency.”

BetterMAN is not a stimulant or a drug. Its approach is based upon the traditional Chinese medicine principle of restoring the balance of all body components, systematically enhancing whole body health, rather than treating the disease itself.