Supplement Could Be Herbal Viagra
Study Shows Effectiveness In Rats

BOSTON, 4:05 p.m. EDT October 18, 2000 – Viagra is one of the most talked about drugs of the last decade. Now, a number of herbal remedies claim that they, too, can eliminate sexual dysfunction in men.

Tuesday, there were some surprising results from the first published study on a type of herbal Viagra, developed in Massachusetts.

Touted as a sort of herbal Viagra, BetterMan is the first Chinese herbal supplement backed by a scientific study. Published in November’s Journal of Urology, the study concludes that BetterMan is highly effective in treating, and even preventing, male impotence.

“This product can not only improve the erectile function, but it can also delay ejaculation, and improve sexual libido,” BetterMan creator Dr. Pei Pei Wu Wishnow said.

In the study, lab rats were made impotent by being fed a high cholesterol diet. They were then given BetterMan, a combination of 18 traditional Chinese herbs. One hundred percent of the rats regained sexual function.

“This study is just the first to demonstrate that ? really you can study a historically tested formula from a scientific point of view,” Wishnow said.

BetterMan was introduced in America two and a half years ago. Although there have been no formal human studies, the company said that it has had more than a 70 percent success rate with American men.

“Tens of thousands of men have taken this product and have shown no side effects and no contraindication with their present medications,” Wishnow said.

The herbs are not a stimulant, so there’s no instant gratification. It actually takes about three bottles before any noticeable improvement in sexual function. Lack of FDA approval has some urologists advising men to proceed with caution.

“People that have heart problems, have congestive heart failure, they are severely diabetic, I probably would not try that, yet,” Dr. Moise Shems of Deaconess Waltham said.

The herbs used in BetterMan have been used by physicians in China for more than 50 years, although no official studies have been done there. It’s available in the United States in limited supplies.

The product has been very popular at Johnson’s Drug Store in Waltham, one of the few places in New England that sells the herbal supplement.

“It’s been selling very, very well, consistently for the last couple of years,” pharmacist Gary Krackoff said. “It supports the body and helps both on the urinary function and sexual function.”

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More about BetterMan

  • BetterMan is made from 18 natural herbs, which have been used in China for 50 years and has no known side effects.
  • The new study shows that the supplement has some physiological effect and is not just psychological. (Such drugs usually have a placebo effect of 30-40 percent on humans).
  • The study examined the effects on rats, and there has been no human study done yet.
  • Tens of thousands of men have used the supplement in the United States since its introduction in 1998.

For information on how to get BetterMan, go to the company’s Web site.