5 Signs That You Should Start Taking Memory Supplements Now

Herbal supplements can improve brain health, slowing age-related memory problems. But when should you start taking them?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “do I need memory supplements?” you might benefit from herbal supplements for memory loss. But how do you know if it’s time to invest in all-natural products for your cognitive well-being? Outside of taking our memory and cognitive function test, you can watch out for these five signs that your memory might be fading.

1. You Forget What You’re Doing

Do you walk into a room and not have any idea why you’re there? This can happen at all ages, even without any memory problems—especially if you’re on the phone or trying to multitask. But if you find this type of forgetfulness happening multiple times each day, it might be time to try herbal remedies for memory.

2. You Struggle to Learn New Things

Our ability to learn does slowly decline over time. For instance, young kids can learn a new language faster than an adult. But if you read a book or watch a documentary and find yourself struggling to understand things as easily as you used to, you may want to take some steps to work on your memory and learning abilities.

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3. You Can’t Come Up With the Right Words

When you’re talking to someone, do you find yourself having to pause often because you can’t come up with a word that you know isn’t challenging? Forgetting everyday words multiple times each day is an early sign of memory loss, especially if the frequency increases with time.

4. You Lose Things Often

Do you feel like you’re more forgetful than you used to be? Maybe you put your keys in the fridge, or can’t recall what you did with your shopping bag when you got home. Losing things is incredibly frustrating, and if you can’t retrace your steps, it might be a sign that your memory is getting worse. Just be sure that you’re not doing too many things at once, as that’s a completely different issue.

5. You Start Missing Appointments or Plans

Did you miss a recent doctor’s appointment or completely space on a family gettogether? While everyone forgets a plan here and there, memory problems can make it a common occurrence. When this happens, start to write down your plans—and consider ways to improve your memory for the long run.

Why You Should Try Supplements for Your Memory

Our brains require a vast array of nutrients to work well, with some compounds known to slow or reverse the signs of aging. (1) In a typical American diet, you’re likely missing out on the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that can help you retain your memory for years to come.

At Interceuticals, we’ve formulated two herbal supplements to help safeguard brain health, and with it, protect or even improve memory.*

  • Better Memory contains the potent anti-inflammatory Theracurmin curcumin, which enhances brain health and function.*
  • Better Memory PM supports quality sleep, which is essential for learning, memory, and concentration.*

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