Marblehead scientist wants to improve your memory – The Marblehead Reporter

by Leigh Blander Locals say new supplement is making a difference Judith Black, of Marblehead, started noticing recently that her brain isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be. “It’s that loose-around-the-edges thing,” she laughed. “It comes with age.” So Black, who is 68, decided to try a new supplement, created by Marblehead scientist PeiPei Wishnow, that claims to...

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Dr. PeiPei Wishnow

Marblehead Doctor to Host Memory Lecture at Library

By Alyse Diamantides Salem News Staff Writer MARBLEHEAD — Dr. Peipei Wishnow, founder of Interceuticals in Salem, will lead a lecture and discussion on memory at the Abbot Public Library in Marblehead this Sunday. Titled “Protecting Brain and Memory As We Age,” the talk will focus on the doctor’s research and her product, Better Memory. Wishnow says the natural supplement, made...

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Protecting Brain & Memory As We Age

Dr. PeiPei Wishnow will be speaking on Sunday, December 1st, at 2 pm at the Abbot Public Library in Marblehead, MA, about brain health and preserving memory as we age. Dr. Wishnow, who is the – Founder, Chief Scientist, and President of Interceuticals, will be sharing her personal story about how hard it is when a loved one has age-related...

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Dr. PeiPei Wishnow interviewed about protecting memory with curcumin

Dr. PeiPei Wishnow interviewed on “Marquis Presents: Your Key to Healthy Living”

Dr. PeiPei Wishnow was interviewed this week about brain health, cognitive health, and memory  by Karen Halloran, Marketing Director of Marquis Health Services, for cable TV show “Marquis Presents: Your Key to Healthy Living.”

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Interceuticals introduces new natural supplement to effectively slow age-related memory issues and enhance and improve brain health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Salem, MA – September 20, 2019 – Interceuticals Inc. announces the formal launch of Interceuticals Better Memory®, a ground-breaking brain-health supplement effective in slowing age-related memory issues and enhancing brain function in healthy adults. Recent brain research shows that age-related cognitive decline or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is closely associated with inflammation in the brain, which has...

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Johns Hopkins Article Reveals that High-dose Turmeric May Cause Iron Deficiency Anemia

The adage is true:  Too much of anything isn’t necessarily a good thing.  On June 9 Johns Hopkins published “Iron Deficiency Anemia Due to High-dose Turmeric”. The article reveals that high dosages of turmeric (in this case 538 mg daily) may prevent the absorption of iron in the gut, causing iron deficiency anemia. The article reveals that high dosages...

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Dealing with Dementia: Dr. Peipei Wishnow’s Own Story about Memory

This is Dr. Peipei Wishnow. Today I want to share my personal story about how hard it is when a loved one has dementia, and why I am so passionate about protecting brain health and memory as we age.  I would also like to reveal to you what I have discovered. Me & My Mother My mother turns 93 years...

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boston globe

New Advances for Millions with Urinary Control Issues

by Kathleen Nelson, Globe Correspondent — 12/2/2003 One out of every three women over 45 has an embarrassing problem when she sneezes, lifts a heavy bag or swings a golf club: She pees. This loss of control, resulting in urinary leakage, leaves many of its 15 million victims – most of whom are women – feeling ashamed and frustrated. More...

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Options to Help Women’s Bladder Control Issues

by Jeanie Lerche Davisf for WebMD Feature — May 5, 2003 reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD We’ve seen the TV commercials. When you gotta go, you gotta go, go, go. But make no mistake, it’s no laughing matter. Occasional urinary incontinence happens to millions of Americans – and up to 25% of women are affected by it. “It’s an enormously...

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